Harold Green's Flowers For the Living 2015 | Live Show

Harold Green reciting poetry at Flowers For The Living 2015. Image by Dominique Shepherd

Harold Green reciting poetry at Flowers For The Living 2015.

Image by Dominique Shepherd

Last night I had the pleasure of attending, local artist, Harold Green's concert celebrating his new EP, Flowers For the Living 2015I walked into The Promontory with excitement and optimism for what I was about to experience. I've heard about Harold Green through multiple sources; most were friends who were already familiar with his work. It was his latest album, Balancing Act that came out last October, that initially got my attention. The album was premiered to the public as a collaboration with videographer, Bradley Murray. They blended Murray's moving visuals to Green's monumental lyricism. So of course there was nothing but great expectations flowing through my mind beforehand and after a nice glass of the House White Wine, I was ready for the show. 

Although I wasn't familiar with the artists going into the show, I immediately became a fan of all of the talent; they put their heart in their performance and you couldn't help but be overwhelmed with awe. The featured artists not only performed their music on FFTL but they were able to introduce themselves to the audience with their original pieces. It gave the audience a chance to really appreciate the talent and individuality of each of the acts.The show started with a bang with the energetic rock group, The Avantist and steadily transitioned throughout the night; concluding with a duet from Harold and his wife, Charisma. 

A couple times throughout the night the show was compared to Dave Chappelle's Block Party in that it featured some of the city's most eclectic and talented group of musicians. Block Party is one of my favorite movies and I'd definitely agree with the analogy. It was one of the most moving musical experiences that I've had all year.

Here are some images from the event as well as an excerpt from Green's bio. You can download his EP for free from his website.

Memorable Spoken Word Artist… Captivating Lyricist… Compelling Motivational Speaker… Inspirational Playwright…Thrilling Actor…New Age Poet…Modern day RENAISSANCE MAN…
…all describe the unique talents of Harold Green III. Endowed with an array of gifts, Harold is one of the most versatile artists this generation has seen. Harold Green is forever evolving as an artist, and refuses to be placed in a box. Green’s ability to speak cogently, in great detail, and with such passion further defines him as a uniquely chosen vessel – one totally engulfed in his lyrics and transforms them into undeniable masterpieces!