Beauty in Black Ethereality

I did a photo series not too long ago, I was hoping to get it published but instead I thought it'd be nice to share them through my blog. These images are examples of the fine art/ beauty style that I enjoy doing. They are similar to the series that I did with Imani and Maanami. Something about the visuals of a canvas set and an ethereal black woman, makes me feel comfortable and proud. I love the idea of a "strong black woman" being delicate, poetic and "light in a way that seems too perfect for this world." Ethereal is a term rarely used to describe a group of human beings who have been a bud of many jokes by mainstream society; a group that is constantly over-sexualized, degraded, objectified, misunderstood, and victimized. Which is why I love the fact that there is a progressive movement within the communities of Black Women Worldwide to celebrate our variety, intelligence, etherealness and beauty. Let's keep this going forever, please. Because once we see these attributes within all of us, other people will not be able to deny our #blackgirlmagic.

Brittany Martin, Hair by Faati and Make Up by Henri Mitchelle.

If I could travel to Earth’s end,
And unveil life’s hidden promises and secrets,
I’m sure it’d force me to submit to oblivion.
— A 5 minute poem by Dom