Costa Rica I'm Ready for Ya!

I am preparing for what should be the best, and first, birthday trip of my life: I am hyped as a muva! I have a pretty relaxed itinerary, I think the only thing I actually have planned (for an exact day and time) is the Hippy Hop party at Club Vertigo. And after listening to the June addition DJ set, I must say I am very amped for it.

Although I'd very much like to trek through rainforests and chill on a few of the plethora of the magical beaches, I've decided to stay in the city this time around. My birthday is during the green season in Costa Rica so it's pretty much rainy every day, every where. I figure I can just go back during March or April and get a drier and sunnier experience. Which I am totally fine with. I mean there is so much to do in San Jose that I don't think I'll have any trouble trying to figure what to do with my time.

Did I mention this is also a solo trip? I have traveled to places like New York, Atlanta, and Long Beach by myself but I've always knew someone who was in the city I was traveling to. This is the first solo travel in which I not only not know a single soul in the city I'm traveling to but I also don't much of the native language. "Tengo un gato en mis pantalones" I believe, was my first phrase. In preparation I have lackadaisically  studied duolingo, so that plus handy dandy google translate  and my first grade reading level I believe I will get along just fine... Plus I'm pretty sure there are a lot of bilingual people in the city.

I plan to keep updates with vlogs and snap shots so stay tuned!