Looking back at Black History Month

Is it too vapid to say every month is Black History Month as an excuse to post Vita's BHM inspired collection? I really love these images that I took for them and I feel it's really necessary to share the collection on my website. Although this look book was initially launched at the very end of February, I think the power of them still resonates. The cold glares and lighting to me builds an emotional response of anger and frustration. Which are two continuous emotions that destroy hope and concrete ideas of self destruction within the hoods of the black community.

 Lately, I've been feeling a need to connect with black men through my personal photo projects. In particular I've recently began working on a Multimedia Documentary with Desmond Owusu, who is a street photographer and fashion designer from the South Side of Chicago. I plan to blog more about the process of this project in the near future but with out giving too much away, I will say that it's main mission is to reveal the complexities around basketball as a ritual and cultural corner stone within the black community. Projects like this is where I want to take my career, I want to build more discussions through my work and unveil hidden gems. But, I must admit, I am quite nervous to take on such an important topic. It has to be done right. The fact that it is something that has been talked about before makes it a challenge to show it in a new, refreshing light, but I believe we have the vision to make it happen.